The Molina Family

The family that makes Breads Unlimited and Edith's Pizza run on a day-to-day basis. 

An Old Fashioned Neighborhood Bakery.

Breads Unlimited was opened in Bethesda, Maryland in 1981. The sense of tradition that was evident in its offerings from the start, continues to this day. Where else can you find five kinds of rye bread baked fresh on a daily basis? 8 varieties of danish? Handmade, all butter croissants?

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Our History

Early in the 20th century, a young baker left his native Poland for the land of opportunity, America. This man was Joseph Fenster. Eventually Joseph settled in Washington, D.C., where he and his wife Lena opened the New Yorker Bakery.

Late in 1938, another young baker, George Raab and his wife Leondra, escaped from Austria for the safety of the United States. As do most immigrants, George worked as many jobs as possible to build a new life for his wife and family. The job search brought the Raab family to Washington D.C. and ultimately to the New Yorker Bakery. 

Years later, Joseph Fenster retired, so George and Leonora Raab took over the New Yorker Bakery. But as it turned out, Fenster retired for less than one year. He returned to his bakery and worked for another 25 years! In 1981, Steven, one of George and Leondra's children, followed in the family tradition and opened Breads Unlimited.

About 10 years later, another immigrant, this time from El Salvador, walked through the door in search of a job. This job lasted for 20 years and developed into a love for baking. That young man, Jose Roberto Molina, is now a married man with two grown children and they are all proud American citizens. They are now the proud owners of Breads Unlimited.

You can now find Roberto, his wife Edith and their sons, Roberto and Ricardo, working side by side. They are easy to recognize by the smiles on their faces.